Semen for Sale


We have semen for sale from Blackburn Monty, Torr Comet and Longley Duke.

Please contact us for details.


Blackburn Monty

Blackburn Monty
Herd Book No 11869
bred by Mr G Jackson, Blackburn, Newcastleton.

Purchased in Carlisle for breed record price and named as the Big Improver.

    Murtholm Premier 11590
  Blackburn Burley 11744  
    Murtholm Holly 2nd 5505
Sire Blackburn Floyd 11749    
    Warcar Wizard 11567
  Murtholm Twinkle 7th 5632  
    Murtholm Twinkle 3rd 5365
    Warcar Wizard 11567
  Murtholm Premier 11590  
    Murtholm White Heather 3rd 5629
Dam Blackburn Misty 5861    
    Wolfhills Chieftain 10743
  Blackburn Rachel 5662  
    Murtholm Holly 2nd 5505


Herd Book No 11963
bred by Messrs N & J Erridge, Watten House, Watten, Caithness

A bull judged by the RBST to have the oldest female lines behind him.

    Hottbank Spiceboy 11692
  High Creoch JAF 11719  
    Burnedge Emily 5648
High Creoch Bombadier 11792    
    Row Trevor 2nd 11520
  Burnedge Emily 5648  
    Burnedge Plancie 5430
    Winterhope Fortune 10086
  Murtholm Shareholder 11290  
    Old Irvine Twinkle 4744
Barlure Buttercup 5576    
    Parton King 10081
  Barlure Snow White 3rd 5203  
    Barlure Snow White 4312



Longley Duke

Our most recent addition to the bull list. He is a son of Parton Comet, a bull who became famous promoting the breed. Duke has all his fathers attributes, size, length and a marvellous temperament.

    Burnedge Michael 11735
  Broadleyfold Craig 11914  
    Glendearg Lorraine 5809
Parton Comet 12004    
    Parton Govenor 11657
  Parton Penelope 31st 5837  
    Parton Penelope 30th 5767
    Raeburnfoot Victor 11829
  Longley Talisman 11970  
    Murtholm Twinkle 7th 5632
Longley Queen 3rd 0610    
    Parton Landmark 11858
  Byers Hall Queen 5th 6092  
    Byers Hall Queen 5884


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