Longley Carlo heads to Germany

A celebration of 37 years of business

Adrian first met Carl Heinz in 1980, following that meeting in 1981 we sold him a group of Highland heifers for a new venture in the village of Kleintettau in Bavaria.

That venture has grown, and 37 years later he was back to buy our Whitebred Shorthorn bull, Longley Carlo.

Longley Carlo is out of Longley Charm 32nd and is also one of the last calves to be sired by our tremendous stock bull Parton Comet.

Carlo has now travelled to Kleintettau his new home, to produce Whitebred X Highland females, which will graze the high hills around the village.

Longley Carlo

Longley Carlo
Mr Heinz requested for him to be in his natural state (with horns)

Longley Carlo with his mother Longley Charm 32nd

Longley Carlo with his mother Longley Charm 32nd


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